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ELF Capital Advisory GmbH
Eurotheum, Neue Mainzer Str 66 - 68
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 069 / 24751 9944

June 2020

Christian Fritsch,
ELF Capital Group

Newly-founded ELF Capital Group takes over European direct lending platform specialized in providing private capital solutions to ‘Mittelstand’ and small to medium size companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the UK, Benelux and Scandinavia.

The entire investment team has extensive experience in providing tailor-made financing solutions for owner-led mid-market companies, management teams and PE portfolio companies, who are looking for a strong, reliable and committed financing partner. Through ELF Capital’s substantial industrial and investment origination relationships with entrepreneurs, private equity sponsors and intermediaries, ELF Capital provides customized financing solutions not only for well-established but also growing mid-market companies. Target investments range from €10 to €40 million with an emphasis on providing senior capital to businesses with strong market positions and attractive growth prospects. Christian Fritsch, Founding Partner at ELF Capital, states: “We are very proud to continue with the roll-out of our lower mid-market private capital strategy, which already started with our first investment. We will work hard to deliver strong returns for our existing investors and are very grateful to them for their commitment and trust. Our objective is to continue to raise more capital and develop ELF Capital into one of Europe’s leading private debt platforms with a strong focus on lower mid-market companies, which form the backbone of the European economy. We believe in the mid-market opportunity as superior companies and management teams often lack access to customized financing solutions. ELF Capital’s flexible structures, creative approaches and competitive terms are the basis for success for all our counterparties.” Christian Fritsch has more than 25 years of experience in the European Private Capital markets having worked at Doughty Hanson and Cerberus Capital as well as Anchorage Capital in both London and Frankfurt. Before founding ELF Capital Group, Christian Fritsch was a senior partner at ESO. ELF Capital has offices in Frankfurt and Luxembourg. Its latest investment has been a €20m Senior Secured Loan to WERU Group to refinance existing facilities and support WERU Group’s further growth plans.