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ELF Capital Advisory GmbH
Eurotheum, Neue Mainzer Str 66 - 68
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 069 / 24751 9944


ELF Capital is strongly committed to responsible investing and integrates ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) analyses into its entire investment analysis and decision-making process.

Companies enhance their competitiveness when they align their strategies and activities with relevant ESG characteristics.

ELF Capital sets clear standards for ESG-compliant behaviour in its portfolio companies. This includes considering the environmental impacts of business activities, addressing social responsibilities, and promoting robust corporate governance.

Industries and sectors that are deemed neither environmentally nor socially sustainable are consciously excluded or minimized from ELF Capital’s investments.

ELF Capital has committed to the “Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance” (PIIF) – a framework for responsible investments.