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ELF Capital Advisory GmbH
Eurotheum, Neue Mainzer Str 66 - 68
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 069 / 24751 9944


ELF follows a disciplined investment approach focused on quality and long-term vision. Our sourcing capabilities and expertise ensure the construction of a high-quality portfolio.

We prioritize unique deal flow, capital preservation, extensive experience, strong partnerships, and robust business models. As a flexible and creative financing partner, we offer solutions for every occasion.

What we stand for

Strong Partnership
“Speed, flexibility, and reliability”

As a financing partner, we aim to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and share our extensive experience from various economic market cycles. Our location in the heart of Europe enables us to ensure fast, flexible, and reliable collaboration.

“Robust business models”

The team concentrates on market-leading family and entrepreneur-led companies with stable and attractive business models, as well as good creditworthiness. We view experienced and strong management teams, long-term growth opportunities, and strong cash flow generation as key indicators of entrepreneurial success.

Extensive Experience
“We delve into the details”

ELF conducts a comprehensive due diligence process to evaluate the significant opportunities and risks of a company, enabling us to establish the optimal capital structure for the businesses we finance. We also draw upon our own industry and sector experts for this purpose.

Unique Sourcing
“Exclusive deal flow”

With over 4,000 business relationships in Europe, ELF possesses one of the largest sourcing networks in the industry. This extensive network forms the basis of our activities and is further supported by our own industry experts.

Capital Preservation
“Always protect the investment”

Our strategies consistently focus on first-lien secured financing (senior secured), providing the highest degree of capital protection by being positioned at the “top of the capital structure.” We uphold stringent transparency standards in investor communication and portfolio management alike.